Is it really possible to print wallpaper from any photos?

Yes, each photo from our offer can be printed as a wallpaper according to Your wishes.

How to choose the photo and material and what factors should I consider?

It depends on the room, where the wallpaper will be located. Wallpaper should be a nice addition. It should take calm effect in dining rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, offices, or wellness studios. It should take forcefull effect in fitness center or shop. It depends on the feeling and elegance of everyone. An important factor is viewing distance. In domestic interior it is short, about 1 meter, so higher demands on the quality of the photo is required. In other interiors where viewing distance is more than one meter it is possible to use photos with lower resolution. The material depends on the appearance and character of the room. To the rusticate, antique or rural interior are perfect canvas, while to the modern interiors are suitable poster papers or photo paper. Into the room where the moisture is higher and where traffic is increased is better to use resistant poster paper. In case You have any questions, please contact us. We would gladly help You.

I bought at Your photobank a large canvas, how do I install it?

To install large-scale canvases or wallpapers right to the wall, we recommend You to order expert with good experience and references, who, according to the material will himself determine what glue will he use and how to install.

Will You print the wallpaper of my own photos?

Yes, if You will have sufficient resolution to print wallpapers from Your own photos. Send us the photo You want to print in full resolution and we will consider maximal size which is appropriate for it.

What are the weights of materials?

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